After several years of studying and working on the creative field in Paris and New York, Sara returned to Madrid in 2010 in order to create her label Sara Lasry and create the term Slim Jewelry. At the same time she underpined her jewelry studies at Instituto Gemológico Español. Everything is made by hand in Madrid.

'Slide Rings'

The idea grew out of the daily work with gems. Sara is used to placing them between her fingers to see the specific colors and shades they acquire on the skin, and she has always thought the effect is not only unexpectedly beautiful, but even ergonomic, like if the corner of the fingers was a more natural place for the stones to settle than the top of the bones. She decided to materialize that concept and devised a mechanism of rings concatenated with sliding settings that is as surprising as comfortable.

She first created the Double Slide Ring for linking two fingers with a pearl, a moon stone or an aquamarine, and now she presents the Hand Slide Ring, which, with the three former elements, connects all fingers except the thumb, in a sort of super delicate articulable brass knuckle, a perfect epitome of what Sara calls her "minimal bling bling" side. The Slide Rings are available in gold, silver, and gold and silver mix.

by Silvia Varela